About Us

Who we are

From nameless to greatness be the Unnamed Meritocracy

"A faction does not need to be big; a faction does not need to be powerful. A powerful faction is called an Empire, and a big faction is called a Society. We are a family." -Elora Re Vodka

Unnamed Manufacturing is a branch of Unnamed Meritocracy, a collective of highly skilled factions with no basis in prideful naming schemes. “We believe in merit above all else! It does not matter what your name is, your species, or even sentient status! Take pride in what you do and not in who you are! Accomplish your task and you will be rewarded.”

The UM collective is based out of the Froz system and includes such factions as Unnamed Military, Unnamed Mining, and Unnamed Market. These factions, under the Unnamed Meritocracy network, all work in constructive chaos to ensure their members grow in whatever aspect they aspire.

Leadership Team